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skate. Review: With a Dot and a Point

skate. is a simulator by EA offering you authentic skate experience in a modern urban environment. Though it was released back in 2007, it’s still playable and enjoyable enough to download Skate. By the way, don’t you mind if we skip the dot from now on?

Graphics: 5

Think that it was released in 2007, and it still keeps its attraction. The game looks better than most indie releases even now, with weaknesses and flaws in visuals now seen as attributes of old-school street action flick. Lacking remote details because of limited performance, Skate draws colorful, deep, immersive city. Its hipping and hopping soundtrack contributes to the overall reckless feel when you’re out on the street at full speed.

Gameplay: 5

The entire game is about doing different tricks with your skate, utilizing combinations that combine various moves and result in fantastic experience, defying gravity, creative flights. This is the kind of game that requires process over result, and somehow it’s made fantastic. The backstory explaining why you have to relearn your skills after an accident and what to do with them, seems unnecessary.

Along with pure fun, free mode Skate offers Career mode, with both decent and criminal options. Bone and law-breaking, smoking and drinking, blood and injuries are included. With possibly a skate version of GTA in mind, the developers yet didn’t reach the real thrill from this story the way they did with pure skating. The city is alive here, full of pedestrians and cars, chances and dangers, and lots of spots to skate through.

Rivalling Tony Hawk, the developers invited a brilliant skater team, including Danny Way, Paul Rodriguez, Rob Dyrdek, PJ Ladd, and others; that’s unbelievable.

Controls: 5

The control system named Flickit, accessing most tricks from the right stick, was developed particularly for this game. In the beginning, after the backstory is told, you get some lessons to help you recover. The system is bound to Xbox 360 or PS3 gamepads, so it fits organically. Alas, as the game got sequels instead of updates, we cannot check how it would feel with other inputs.

Replay Value: 4

If a game from 2007 is still played, that means something. Skate is valued by fans even higher than its direct sequels, despite being older than some of today’s gamers (this Skate review was written in 2019). Tricks need to be done often just in order to keep your skills up.

The Bottom Line

If you have updated your console but feel nostalgic about those old games, you may only wish you could download Skate. But if you still keep it in your attic, don’t be lazy and get up the ladder when you feel this nostalgic breath. Anyway, all the games of today should be compared to some classics to reveal how worthy they are.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 4

skate. FAQ

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