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Best Way to Play Soccer With a Race Car: Rocket League Review

A funny mix of racing and sports, Rocket League has become a mix-genre classic and a serious esport. With many modes and patches, the game gets newcomers on its hook and won’t let go until they turn into racing-soccer stars. You can download Rocket League for every platform there is, including Nintendo Switch since November 2017.

Graphics: 4.5

Since Rocket League initial release developers have been working hard to improve everything about the game, with an emphasis on its superb graphics. Everything about the looks of the game serves to its peculiar mechanics and the sense of a neon-colored chaotic adventure it brings. Graphics are meticulously designed to suit any platform: Rocket League runs on everything except Switch from 1080p to 4K, and you would hardly notice anything unpolished about it. However, if you play Nintendo Switch on a high-res screen, the 526p resolution makes little details look rough. Other than that, everything fits perfectly. Some minor graphical bugs may occur from time to time, but the team at Psyonix works very hard to patch all of them.

Gameplay: 5

There are two teams of racing cars that drive insanely fast across the arena and hit the ball with incredible power. Rules of the game very much remind of soccer, except there’s no speed limit and lots of tricks. The game has unique mechanics which may seem discouraging at first: even kicking the ball looks like a challenge but soon players develop their skills. Another strong point is the space for strategy and team play.

The game evolves step by step, a lot like a sports competition, with a competitive playlist. As you and your team move up the ladder, you unlock different cosmetic rewards and upgrades for your cars. Besides, you can choose one of the modes the current version of the game offers: The Snow Day mode makes the ball super-bouncy, while in Hoops mode you play basketball instead of soccer.

In three years plenty of additional features was released: some of them you get by taking part in exclusive competitions, others are for purchase only. But the great thing about Rocket League is there’s no pay-for-win mechanics. Indeed, cars from paid content are a little bit faster or defter, but you don’t notice these difference if you’re not a pro, and lots of even greater cars can still be unlocked with the help of nothing but your excellent gaming.

Controls: 5

First Rocket League reviews were critical about the game physics. It’s, well, bizarre but at the same time, it’s what makes the game so different from others. The mechanics are simple and robust, but there is a touch of absurdity to the game, which seems right: have you ever tried to play soccer with a racing car? It’s tough to control your vehicle in the first stages of the game, and there’s a severe learning curve that makes Rocket League similar to mastering real-life sports. That alone made this crazy soccer stimulator a perfect game for esport competitions.

Replay Value: 5

The amazingness of the game lies in its infinite replay value. There are so many upgrades to download, and even when you collected everything, the very gameplay boils up with unlimited strategical possibilities and never-ending competitiveness. It’s a perfect party game, but it has a space for growing into a professional sport when you play it alone. The creativeness of Rocket League developers adds to the game fantastic entertainment: new sets of cosmetic items and special editions of bonus cars are released often. And who wouldn’t like to unlock a Delorean or a Batmobile for their next round of racing soccer?


Rocket league offers simple but effective mechanics, a solid choice for customization and endless fun. It seems like an action game with elements of a sports stimulator at first glance, but then you get to the strategy side to it and fall in love completely. There’s a learning curve to it, but the game welcomes newcomers with tutorials and small but supporting upgrades. Cross-platform play possibilities and local multiplayer make it a top choice for professional esport competitors as well a great party game.


  • Graphics 4.5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5

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