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NBA 2K17

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NBA 2K17 Review: A Great Basketball Season

NBA 2K17 is the basketball simulator based on the official NBA season of 2016/17. Though it’s not the freshest so far, it has its pros, so it still makes sense to download NBA 2K17 in 2019.

Graphics: 4.5

Don’t get too obsessed with face scanning that turns you to someone unfamiliar. It’s all much more decent later. The players recreated by the developers move quite naturally and keep their recognizable appearance and manners. The 3D experience of roaring public and moving camera is impressive. In 2019 we have seen better graphics, but both NBA 2K17 and its successor were published for previous console generations as well, so their visual power is kept on a compatibility leash.

Sounds should also be mentioned. The game features natural sounds produced by players, spectators, and equipment, and it all can be commented with one of eleven available voices. If you planned to upgrade your speakers, do it before you download NBA 2K17: its stadium experience deserves it.

Gameplay: 5

In the beginning, you’re required to create your character, give him a name, define appearance, maybe even scan your own face with a smartphone app and share it to your profile. You also define your archetype and position on the court that will define your character’s stats. The character can be upgraded later.

Then you need to play the inevitable tutorial that teaches you the basics, including controls. The game mirrors real basketball, so its rules apply here as well. Success brings you virtual currency you can use to unlock players, equipment, outfits, courts, coaches, and so on. If you lack it, you can buy more for real money.

Career mode includes college league as your trampoline to NBA, your rookie matches, and then your finest hours as you make your star career. But if you’re reminiscing your courtyard, you can return to it.

Controls: 5

The game is meant for both consoles and Windows PC. There’s no trouble with figuring it out on consoles; though moves and tricks are complicated, you only need to learn them once. There are even special pages on controls for those who prefer to learn it from instructions, not by trials and errors. As for those in front of their PCs, they can use mouse and keyboard… in theory. In fact, buying a, say, Steam Controller or one for Xbox would be a good investment, though it’s greater than NBA 2K17 price.

Replay Value: 4

Those into sports would probably want to try all their favorite (or at least not despised) teams. The roster is large, and besides cover stars Paul George and Kobe Bryant, there are many players worth closer attention. The game features both the current NBA roster (as for 2017) and the cult Historic teams.

That would have made the game inexhaustible, but there have been new installments each year after (by the time of NBA 2K17 review, 2K19 edition is available). So those still on Xbox 360 and PS3, with less choice, will probably explore this one deeper.

The Bottom Line

NBA series gets an update each year, but this one seems one of the most successful. Improved after the 2016 edition, this one looks great even on current generation consoles. The new releases may look even greater, but 2K17 is still an option.

  • Graphics 4.5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 4


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