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Mario Kart 8

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Colorful Racing: Mario Kart 8 Review

Another reinvention of everyone’s favorite Nintendo franchise is less of a fun fight and more of a full-scaled race. Download Mario Kart 8 for your Switch or Wii U and let the good old racing begin!

Graphics: 5

Mario Kart 8 reviewers claim it to be cream on the crop of Mario Kart series largely because of the graphics. Every racing arena, no matter if its brand new or another reincarnation of one in the previous series, is so rich and dense with layers of details that you may as well spend your first races just staring at them. With such various locations as a haunted house, underwater world or a musical stadium, the developers squeezed just about everything out of current graphics technologies. It’s highly recommended to play Mario Kart 8 in HD!

Gameplay: 4.5

The first thing you when entering the game is choose a driver and customize every aspect of your gear. There are a dozen characters when you select them for the first time, and a bit more to unlock. The customization of the vehicle is much more complicated: you choose the body, tires, and glider to make the most coherent combination for speed driving and handling.

The racing gameplay inherits the fundamental features of previous versions, except this time there is much less fighting and obstacle racing, and your victory depends hugely on your racing abilities. There’s a pack of 16 retro tracks and 16 new ones, with newer tracks being more difficult than the old ones. Still, each of them is amusing in its particular way. Online multiplayer is your best option here: up to 12 players can enter the race at once. There are also computer races, which are a little bit less entertaining but can still make a good racing experience for the local player. Defense and a hunch for boosting are much more important for your strategy than fighting skills.

Controls: 5

Handling your kart has become a pleasure of its own in Mario Kart 8: controls are tight and responding to your every move. There’s an enormous amount of options you may try in your movement with pinging this way and around. And don’t forget that every vehicle customization influences your movement. There are many racing features in the game, from acceleration to drifting and anti-gravity speeding, and controlling each of them feels natural and pleasing.

Replay Value: 3.5

Mario Kart 8 is remarkably customized: every vehicle combination is slightly different from others — this fact alone will make you return to try put together other parts. Add a range of 30 drivers, each with a different character and racing tactics, and you receive an endless pack of combination to toy with. The weak point for replaying is the unlocking mechanism; you can unlock everything there is after a few days of diligent gaming. As soon as you unlock all the characters and win every cup, there is, the local playing can get boring. Multiplayer is still good, though, especially if it’s a team of well-prepared drivers.


Mario Kart 8 is a tremendously good cartoonish racing: creators of Nintendo were keeping in mind all the previous releases to make this one the ultimate experience. The game is splendidly built, it unravels Nintendo Universe with the help of the most vivid graphics there is, its controls have never been that responsive, and its character and vehicle customization make you create a unique combination and think more on your racing tactics. It is recommended for local and online multiplayer.


  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 4.5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 3.5

Mario Kart 8 FAQ

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