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FIFA® 18 Review: Soccer Reduced to Essentials

FIFA® 18 is the official soccer simulator, this time released on Nintendo Switch. Download FIFA® 18 for Switch and enjoy the ultimate world football competition! But beware: it’s much reduced when compared to stationary consoles.

Graphics: 4

While the visuals featured on other consoles are well recreated, Nintendo Switch lacks performance because of its hybrid structure. That makes players less responsible when playing, so real-time experience gets flawed, players move slow, like you’re watching it in rapid. On the other hand, when played on the built-in screen, the graphics feel quite decent, but it’s at expense of cut lots of features from full versions.

Gameplay: 3.5

Almost any FIFA® 18 review for Nintendo Switch should start with a pity that Switch is so short of memory and performance, being a different type of console. So there’s little left from the original gameplay besides straight-up matches. There is also a career mode, but it’s limited too.

The mechanics of playing didn’t change a lot after the previous installment. You still control the active player that controls the ball or is the nearest to it. There are defensive, offensive, and scoring moves and tricks, and they are done almost the same way too.

The story mode has been sacrificed to save precious megabytes, so was team management and player transfers. So what’s left? Playing, that’s it, team-versus-team. There is FIFA Ultimate Team mode, the representation of 2018 World Cup (Moscow), and online matches. It’s a shame that you can’t form your own friend list and challenge people within it; only random online opponents are available.

Controls: 5

Pro Controller owners can experience the full spectre of moves and tricks one can apply to FIFA® 18on PS or Xbox. If you have two or more of them, you can enjoy local multiplayer. On the other hand, JoyCons are well optimized for local PvP mode too, with controls severely simplified. Beginners may even like it, while experienced players will certainly suffer from inability to do most attacking tricks. So if you like home FIFA® parties, get yourself more Pro Controllers.

Replay Value: 4

If you like online games, you’ll have enough opponents online, creating danger and thrill. Single player mode isn’t that interesting. But the most replayable option is (as we’ve mentioned) FIFA® 18 home parties. Get your controllers, check the connection, and have fun face to face; that’s what this game delivers in full. Not an individual entertainment, definitely.

The Bottom Line

Nintendo interpretation of FIFA® 18 is decent, but nothing extraordinary. Performance is insufficient, so the game slows down. If you have an option to download FIFA® 18 for Nintendo Switch or for another console, choose the other one. But if we search within Nintendo world, it’s one of the best soccer experience Switch players can have.

  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 3.5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 4


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