Brunswick® Pro Bowling

Brunswick® Pro Bowling

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Brunswick Pro Bowling Game Review

Brunswick Pro Bowling is a bowling simulation video game that was released for the Wii, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable in 2007. Over the next eight years, it was released for iOS and Android, being revoked for iOS but then going on to run on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well. The game was developed by Point of View Inc. and was published originally by Crave Entertainment.

Graphics: 3

The gaming experience of Brunswick Pro Bowling was disappointing to a significant portion of its player base. The graphics are of rather poor quality, from the animation of the settings (the alley and lanes, and the attire worn by the characters in the game) to the roll of the ball down the lane. The overall opinion is that the graphics of the game are plain and dull.

Gameplay: 4

Brunswick Pro Bowling gameplay is quite liked by most players. There is a vast range of bowlers to choose from. The game also features a Create-A-Bowler option, which is limited, but a rather creative endeavour.

The game offers its players a number of modes, namely free play, multiplayer, career, and season mode. In free play mode, four random players can play matches against one another. Multiplayer mode allows four plays to play against each other while using the same console. Career mode enables players to progress from amateur and develop their skills to gradually become professional bowlers. Lastly, season mode takes players to other bowling alleys in a tournament against other players.

Controls: 4

There are some basic controls that players use to move, position, swing, and release the bowling ball to take shots in Brunswick Pro Bowling. While playing on the Wii, these are a few of the elementary controls to remember.

Navigate the cursor by holding and moving the Wiimote. Select the option of choice by pressing the A key. To activate the character, raise the Wiimote to chest level and hold the B key until the character is ready to bowl. To rotate and align the character to bowl, hold down the B key and rotate the wrist to align. The directional buttons given on the Wiimote can be used to aim. Hit the A key to shift into third-person perspective.

Replay Value: 4

To those players who can withstand the condition of the graphics of the game, Brunswick Pro Bowling’s replay value is quite high. The achievements and player customisations make the game interesting and keep the player base eager to play.


Brunswick Pro Bowling is engaging and realistic to play but has bad quality graphics and several glitches that tend to frustrate players and lower their performance in the game. It is, however, interesting and a fun game to play for most players who do not expect high standards of graphics to be entertained by the game. Overall, Brunswick Pro Bowling has quite good gameplay!

  • Graphics 3
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 4

Brunswick® Pro Bowling FAQ

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