Virtual Families

Virtual Families

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Virtual Families Game Review

Virtual Families is a video game that was developed by Last Day of Work in early 2010. Intended for younger players, the game simulates real life and engages players in constructing and maintaining the lives of numerous characters within the virtual world.

Graphics: 3.5

Most of the player base for Virtual Families considers its graphics to be extremely rudimentary and rough. The characters and settings are bright coloured and designed to capture the attention of players. The animation, however, is pixelated and unclear, and quite similar to the graphics from other video games developed by Last Day of Work.

Gameplay: 4.5

Virtual Families allows its players to begin by adopting a virtual character and nurturing it. The game is largely like Sims and essentially simulates real life. Players can help their characters to develop and grow, and expand their influence by getting married and having children. Virtual Families gives its players the power to manipulate every action of their virtual characters; they can either leave the characters to function on their own or make their decisions for them.

Tasks that can be accomplished by the player are not limited by any means. Players must earn money to maintain their characters’ lives. The game enables players to solve puzzles and accomplish tasks and to shape their characters’ behaviour by rewarding or punishing them for good and bad behaviour.

Controls: 4

The game uses very basic mouse movements to control the characters and select objects. Players can direct their characters to places, which will cause them to accomplish particular tasks in that area. They can also drag and drop their characters into places. To select an object, the player has to move the cursor to that object and left click on it to pick it up or activate it.

Replay Value: 4.5

Players consider this game to have a higher replay value than other games developed by Last Day of Work. This is because Virtual Families has a wider range of operations to execute which keeps players’ interests piqued.


Virtual Families is a game that players can engage in to pass the time. The game is light and fun and grabs peoples’ attention, and is interesting and entertaining to play. Younger players would be far easier engaged in the game, but older players prefer to play life simulation games that have a higher quality of graphics and gameplay, such as Sims.

  • Graphics 3.5
  • Gameplay 4.5
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 4.5

Virtual Families FAQ

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