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Tomodachi Life

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Tomodachi Life Review: Island in Your Pocket

Tomodachi Life is a life simulation game for Nintendo 3DS. Welcome to your own island that you can arrange as you like and build an earth paradise of your dreams! Download Tomodachi Life to your 3DS, and you’ll always have a perfect place for your vacation.

Graphics: 5

Of course, Nintendo 3DS is not the most up-to-date platform, and its graphical abilities are far even from smartphones of 2013 (the year the game was officially released). But it still has some charm in the graphical style that’s fully reflected in Tomodachi Life. This game utilizes all the power it finds, making your characters vivid and natural. As for oversized heads, that’s the must with the given screen configuration.

Gameplay: 5

Personalization starts when you create your digital alter ego (so-called Mii) in the beginning. His or her parameters can be any; that’s where freedom begins. Not only can you customize your name and appearance, but even your voice, energy, manners!

Then you select who else will dwell with you. They can be your friends, celebrities, just party monsters, or anyone at all! You can create them from scratch, import from your Mii Maker, or scan QR codes from other 3DS consoles.

After creating them, you are in charge of making their living, providing food, drinks, home, clothes, and so on. They pay you with in-game currency instead, and you’re the one who spends it. If you are good at administering, your island will prosper. You don’t even have to always interfere. Your Miis live their own lives, and you can just watch them, feeling like the Big Brother, while they have fun, play music, dance, fall in love, laugh, and so on.

It’s all much more complicated than written in this review. The publisher lets you download Tomodachi Life free demo for those still hesitating to make a decision.

Controls: 4

That’s why the game didn’t make it even to other Nintendo devices. It’s too tightly made for a two-screen system of 3DS, and the two screens fit its interface perfectly. Switch, being as great as it is, cannot provide the same freedom with both joysticks and both touchscreens for controls. This split picture cannot be replayed on other devices without serious revamping.

Replay Value: 4

This mode of life seems inexhaustible. The more you develop your island, the funnier situations it brings to life. Your characters act on their own, and you can just watch them like a long TV show. As this Tomodachi Life review was in progress, we heard nothing of its release for other platforms, but it means there are more reasons not to recycle your 3DS.

The Bottom Line

If Tomodachi sounds too similar to Tamagotchi to you, there’s a reason for it. An inhabited island is much more complicated than an electronic pocket pet, but it requires your care just as well.


  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 4

Tomodachi Life FAQ

There's not a lot of questions about Tomodachi Life. Ask insistently in the comments so you can make it frequent! Yup,take me to comments
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