Ship Simulator Extremes

Ship Simulator Extremes

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Ship Simulator Extremes Review

Heavy ships have its magic even or those not fond of the sea (yes, they exist).

Graphics: 5

The game looks great and impressive. Both ships and sea environment are grand, colossal and powerful even at first glance. If you dive – literally – into it, you start loving it even more. Vessels may look too schematic in this living space with the adjustable weather, but it’s common for simulation games. As for the weather and the environment in general, it seems realistic (as long as you don’t zoom in to the max to view the shores).

The game offers various types of view (third person, first person, inside the ship and so on), and you’ll need to switch between them often to complete your mission.

Gameplay: 5

So, you’re the Captain; you’re in charge. A lot of ships are available in the game settings, so you can select any. The selection board offers preview with a brief description, so the selection is easier.

You can select between free sailing mode, campaigns or single missions. Your missions offer different kinds of work, like changing the location for fishing, rescuing people from an island where a disaster happened or maneuvering in the sea. On your missions, you’ll have to travel all over the world, from the equator down to Antarctic seas.

The behavior of vessels is quite precise, at least so it seems to an average player. You control its movements and actions from your booth, though control arms are available even in third person view. It’s especially good if you master it in free sailing.

Both first person and third person view modes have virtually all it takes to command the ships. Combine them to get the best result.

Controls: 4.5

Ship Simulator Extreme is quite controllable with keyboard and mouse, but the only reason to play it this way is the impossibility to purchase the Xbox controller. If you’re using a simple joystick you can reassign some actions to the mouse buttons and wheel.

Alas, the game offers no tutorial, so you’ll have to learn the controls yourself. But after a while, you will feel like a real sea wolf, if you like the game at all.

Replay Value: 5

With a lot of ships, a variety of missions, and a free sailing mode you can train your navigation skills almost endlessly. But this game still has a doubtable trace of simulators: sometimes it’s very boring. Some missions can be completed virtually in auto mode.

Of course, you may alternate ships, try free sailing, try different actions. But it doesn’t add much if you like this class, and it won’t help much if you don’t feel for it from the start.


The game is a good example of its kind, with all its pros and cons. Love for the sea or for ships is a good reason to try it. But prepare for spending a lot of time doing almost nothing. Great seascapes can become an anti-stress experience or fill you with delight of this grandeur, but it’s just an addition to the gameplay. So don’t hurry to purchase it before watching gameplay videos.


  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 4.5
  • Replay Value 5

Ship Simulator Extremes FAQ

There's not a lot of questions about Ship Simulator Extremes. Ask insistently in the comments so you can make it frequent! Yup,take me to comments
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