Project Highrise

Project Highrise

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Project Highrise Game Review

While Babylon inhabitants were building their tower, their major mistake was the wrong aim with the unexpected consequence. The modern tower may be less ambitious, but their buildings will finally outgrow any mythic one. You are to rule the skyscraper that can grow up and out almost infinitely. Project Highrise is an unusual hybrid of a building and an economy simulator.

Graphics: 3

Don’t expect much from the game that only requires 500 MB on your drive. It’s 2D, and a large part of the screen is filled with building and economical stats, options, and other info. It makes the game a good simulator: you know that running big objects is about much paperwork, and here it is. You need to know the situation inside and outside.

The building you run is seen on the screen, and in the beginning, it even fits in there. As you build more levels and enlarge the foundation, you make your building into the real skyscraper that can’t be seen all at once. At least, if you want to see all the rooms and the offices, all the security objects and communications, and so on.

Rather schematic, the graphics shows what’s where and what’s on, and so it does its job. But if you want it large, shiny and 3D, you better look for “Tycoon” simulators.

Gameplay: 4

Running your own skyscraper is no easy task. Not only you have to build it, floor by floor. Developing also requires having all the necessary infrastructures, from electricity, water, and trash bins to transportation, elevators, and two-story lobbies.

And it’s all to draw tenants’ attention. The more tenants you attract, the more rent you get from them, so you can invest into further development. But they may roll out requirements your building doesn’t satisfy yet.

With a special panel, you can control life quality within your building – from communications and working facilities to temperature and smell.

And there is a bulldozer, in case you decide to wipe out something you don’t need anymore.

Controls: 5

Being a PC game, Project Highrise doesn’t even require any keyboard hotkeys. You’ll be good with just a mouse.  And that’s a good work of designers; you don’t think what key to press for the action you need.

Yes, the panel system is a bit complicated, but it’s a feature, not a bug. This game is for those who want it hard on the brain, and strong at the strain.

Replay Value: 5

In fact, this game (if you play it properly) is endless. The higher you build, the more tenants you need to attract; the more money you get, the more you can invest. It’s a circle – just like in life.

At the first stages, it’s very amusing to consider more and more aspects of building and keeping such a large structure, because the developers seem to mention every aspect of its functioning. At some moment it can become automatic, and the game won’t be that fun. But it takes a lot of developing to reach that point.

Scenarios make the game more amusing, as your aims differ from one to another.


Project Highrise is a great little simulator of big development, with low requirements for your PC and great requirements for your brain. If you can keep in mind all it takes to keep the building alive, you’re ready for more serious tasks. Even in real life.

  • Graphics 3
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5

Project Highrise FAQ

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