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Planet Coaster

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Planet Coaster Review: Building and Management – Two-in-one

Planet Coaster is an advanced coaster park simulation game. You construct the amusement park piece by piece, create marvelous scenery and manage the project thinking over the strategy and trying to satisfy guests and produce the profit. You can download Planet Coaster parks of your friends to take some ideas to put it into action into your environment or share your own design with other players.

Graphics: 5

The graphics are really good here. The sceneries strike imagination and leave the players open-mouthed due to a large choice of content including rides, shops, facilities, buildings, paths, trees, bushes, and statuses. Perhaps, the faces of people are not very realistic. This is a matter of preference. But the movements are rather natural. You can use the controls and adjust the graphics settings for the particular system's performance.

Gameplay: 4

This game grips entirely even when you are not involved in playing it. It requires creativity to construct the park developing its design, deciding what amusement ride should be chosen.

Here you can build a career getting an unfinished project under your control. At the stage “Career” you are expected to shape it up. It looks like a learning process.

Then, you can try your hand in “Sandbox”, where you are suggested a plot of land in any climatic environment and freedom to act. The building process is very entertaining. You can create the coolest Rollercoaster in the world! Also, you should develop sceneries, establish a price for every attraction, consider a maintenance schedule and even choose the soundtracks. And by the way, you can watch any amusement ride from third parties or through the eyes of someone who uses it.

The top performance is the third mode - “Challenge” looking similar to Sandbox but here you will face the real difficulties like budget restrictions, ratings which should be achieved, guests which are not satisfied and so on. Here management is rather important, and its functions are not numerous, we should say.

Controls: 5

You can find controls in Gameplay Settings. It is easy to edit paths, terrain, coasters, buildings and even to set the mouse. There are Advanced Editing Tools for more accurate and detailed building controls. You can set daylight only in order not to interrupt a building process, pause the simulation, undo or redo actions. Go ahead! Get to know how to achieve the best results and manipulate controls to create exactly what you want.

Replay Value: 5

Planet Coaster is a single player game. Taking into account the large variety of versions and ideas as to the arrangement of the park, the play may be endless. It is really good to share your experience with the community of co-thinkers and perhaps find new solutions looking through projects of other players, which can be played out again.


Summarizing this Planet Coaster review, we should say this is a very strong construction simulation game. It does not only entertain, but it develops the sense of style, the landscape gardening, and project management skills.

The game was released in 2016 and a month after it appeared at the market over 400 000 copies were sold. By the start of 2019, the amount has increased by 2 mln. It is really popular! See for yourself!


  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5

Planet Coaster FAQ

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