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NBA 2K18

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Real Deal: NBA 2K18 Review

In its new chapter, NBA franchise goes in further in re-creating all the ins and outs of the world’s major basketball association. You can download NBA 2K18 for Windows PC, Xbox One, PS 4, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.

Graphics: 5

In this game, you will find the most beautiful visuals in the world of sports simulators. Every player, no matter if he’s real or created by you, looks natural with his own unique features, facial expressions, and precise tactic movements. Beards and hairdos look especially great, and that’s one more reason to visit a barbershop (yep, there is one!) The court animation took a step forward, as well. There are some minor bugs, though: the AI players placement often looks unnatural and corrupts otherwise ideal matches.

Gameplay: 3.5

The primary goal of the NBA 2K18 creators at Visual Concepts is the most realistic depiction of the life of National Basketball Association. Each player is different, and the real NBA players’ skills are represented very thoroughly, and you get more from the game if you’re a real NBA fan. The NBA nerds can get lost in MyLeague mode, where you don’t need to care about anything but technics and game strategies. But there’s a couple of surprises for other kinds of players too.

Besides the main modes from previous NBA games, there is a new MyPlayer mode, in which you have to create your own player and take him through Summer League and D-League before making it to NBA. This mode is perfect in giving a regular NBA fan the sense of professional basketball players background. There is also another fascinating feature, The Neighbourhood, that adds to the story. Now instead of clicking the main menu buttons, you must walk the streets on foot, meeting other online players for a short competition or chat with your barber or a street food clerk. The MyGM story mode, however, is not as improved as it could be. The dialogues are clumsy and foolish, and by the end of each scene, you get the strong feeling that the storyline doesn’t depend on your choices. Still, it’s nice to have a first attempt of building a story around a basketball simulation game.

The most annoying thing about NBA 2K18 is the microtransactions: here you must spend real money on everything, including not just tattoos and shoes you wear off-court, but your player status as well. Of course, there’s a possibility of earning currency by playing basketball, but it’s incredibly slow. As a result, you get severe gameplay imbalance: it’s hard to enter a competition in an online mode without a boosted status.

Controls: 4.5

The controls are generally smooth, with occasional AI bugs during matches. For example, defensive players can act illogically. Still, they don’t get crowded in one spot, like they used to do in NBA 2K17. We’ve already mentioned the amazing neighborhood simulator instead of core menu, but it’s totally worth another praise. With The Neighborhood, every choice you make as a gamer becomes a slice-of-life scene. NBA 2K18 reviewers usually praise basketball mechanics, and we won’t make an exception here: there’s so much space for customization and such diverse player skills that every game is a fascination.

Replay Value: 4

The customization possibilities of NBA 2K18 are almost limitless, and the replay value is doubtlessly high. Creating a new player is always exciting, but paying for boosting him up is a bit less fun. Storyline scenes aren’t such a gem either, and we wouldn’t want to see them again. The good thing is that you can switch from the main MyPlayer mode to team managing and strategy building. However, the microtransaction mechanisms can get so annoying that you would probably want to return to previous NBA editions.


The beautiful looks of NBA 2K18 hide some unpleasing moments underneath. Here you’ll find new modes and features that add to a storyline and create a whole NBA world with players careers, managing strategies and even the places to hang out in a Brooklyn-meets-Queens area. The game is almost free of bugs, and developers have made serious improvements in the gameplay, design, and storyline, but the level of microtransactions can get absurd.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 3.5
  • Controls 4.5
  • Replay Value 4


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