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Home Design 3D

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Home Design 3D Review

Sometimes the fun of the game is all in its process, with no mission to complete. Home Design 3D is a game like this; true simulation kids have been playing for centuries before computers. Not powerful enough to become a practical application, it offers much fun and ease instead.

Graphics: 5

In spite of its lightminded intro, the application can do a lot. When you draw your drafts in 2D, the app already has them 3D-ready. So you only need to switch the view to see it all in 3D. As you have stuffed your rooms, you may look at them in different conditions. Let your virtual characters in. Lighting is one of the most exciting elements. The designers modelled daylight and nighttime darkness or electric light, so you can see the hone of your dreams in different time.

No, you’re not restricted by a single place. It can be virtually anything, from a small studio to a private island! Your only limitation is preinstalled elements you’re bound to. But the game has real plenty of them, so there’s always something like the thing you like.

Gameplay: 5

Building your home from the start means you have to build it (or recreate your actual one, if you mean that). Draw the plan. Put walls on it, define corners, find the place for doors and windows. Your house may have several stores and many rooms, each edited separately.

Customize your rooms with available furniture, different items, and textures. They can represent paints, wallpapers, other surface decorations. Just select them in the menu.

You can save or load blueprints, export your scenes and upload them for all visitors to see. This makes it less a design app and more an interactive game.

Controls: 5

All it takes on PC is a mouse (or touchscreen if your computer is equipped with it). The main action you do is dragging and selecting. Select the element of building, furniture or decoration, and then drag it to where it belongs. Then select its style, type, color and so on.

As the app is not a pro tool, hope you don’t require really professional tools like tablet integration. But, like many games, it syncs with mobile devices. And yes, the touch interface is just as easy to master as PC one.

Replay Value: 5

There’s no mission at all but building the home of your dream. And as our dreams evolve, you may follow different aims. You may create homes for your inner kid or supposed family, for your characters if you write a book or a screenplay, or for your designer who’ll recreate it later with professional tools.

With so many home designs invented by mankind, the replay value of this game is totally infinite. You’re limited in some elements, but, with updates,


Somewhere between work and fun, Home Design 3D obliges you to nothing and lets you unveil your imagination. Alone, with your family or with your friends, you can model your place to be or just have fun out of combining elements. Finally, it may help you find contact with yourself.


  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5

Home Design 3D FAQ

There's not a lot of questions about Home Design 3D. Ask insistently in the comments so you can make it frequent! Yup,take me to comments
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