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Hand Simulator

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Hand Simulator. Read the Review!

The hardest things to teach are the easiest to learn, because we just don’t acknowledge them. For example, you can’t remember how you learned most operations you do with your hands. It seems you’ve always known how to use your hands. Hey, what about re-learning?

Graphics: 3

Simulators are about “how it works,” not “how it looks.” So most of them look schematic, and Hand Simulator makes no exception. Though quality and details are far from photographic, it’s rather worth talking of other aspects.

The object is (first of all) your hands you manipulate with, and all the other objects are just within your virtual reach. The POV mode is made very realistic. The size is almost 3 GB, and after playing, we think a single megabyte hasn’t slipped through the hands of developers.

Gameplay: 4

There are things we are basically aware of, but our ways are so automatized that we don’t realize how we grab or drop things, how our hands interact while handling them, what sequences our fingers have to complete to do the job. In this game, all these movements are to be mastered consciously.

There are various missions and environments in this game. You may learn to handle small objects on the table, like bottles and tins, paper and pens, calculators and (maybe the funniest part of it) fidget spinners.

Other missions include milking a cow, playing chess, you can even play with guns. Grab a gun from the table, load it, and then shoot. Who said it would be easy? The most interesting part (for the experienced ones) is the Duel (multiplayer mode). And we must warn you: it sounds much easier than it is.

As a simulator of the process, it doesn’t offer an aim to reach while you learn. It doesn’t even record your score, so no wonder it’s nowhere to be seen on the screen (though there is an achievement system). The multiplayer mode is much more obvious.

Controls: 5

The game is meant for PC, so it control system involves both keyboard and mouse. Use keys to select the finger you need to perform some action. Move the mouse for your virtual hand to follow it; use left or right button to grab or drop items.

It may seem too complicated, but, in fact, we all have mastered the similar system. Well, even bionic hand prosthesis is rather easy to master because its control system is based to motoric functions humans use unconsciously. So the game can be even harder than real mastering an artificial hand!

Replay Value: 4

In real life, you’ll hardly unlearn to use your hands (unless you’ve spent a really long time in a coma). In the gaming world, it’s possible. So you can master it, but, when in a philosophic mood, return to it, just to touch the mystery of how complicated and how simple human is.


Kind of strange, this game will certainly find its audience. The further you go, the less bizarre seems the idea. And finally, you start to feel these imaginary hands as your own; something opposite to phantom pains.


  • Graphics 3
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 4

Hand Simulator FAQ

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