Bus Simulator 16

Bus Simulator 16

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Bus Simulator 16 Review: Zen and the Art of Bus Driving

Bus Simulator 16 is exactly what it says on the tin. In this game, you practice driving one of thirteen various buses, based on real-life models. Download Bus Simulator to satisfy your curiosity, instead of looking over the driver’s shoulder!

Graphics: 4

While simulators are supposed to recreate control panel and movement physics, first of all, the rest can be almost neglected: that’s not what simulators are about. Bus Simulator 16 looks quite decent after other simulators. City districts (residential area, historical center, modern district and so on) have their distinctive traces, buses look like their real-life prototypes, passengers affect movement when inside, and the game doesn’t require CERN class hardware.

Gameplay: 4

That’s where the developers put the most effort, and it shows. Bus Simulator 16 offers you realistic experience of driving passengers to their stations, obeying the rules and following the route. The passengers may have special requirements, and they need to get there in time. Sometimes they misbehave, and it’s up to you to calm them down. Drive your bus, avoid accidents, keep the inside in order, and don’t forget to stop!

As you unlock new districts, you increase your income, and soon driving your bus becomes a profitable business. While driving, you can open windows, listen to the music on your radio, and have fun the way real drivers do, but keep your eye on the road and another on the inside.

The app offers realistic controls of recreated real buses by MAN and Mercedes, so you may feel familiar with some of them. We should have expected realistic physics as well, but the buses are too light and controllable, with inertia much less than one can expect from such a huge machine. At least, so it feels.

There are seven extra buses by MAN and Mercedes, available as DLC or included in Gold Edition along with extra missions. And if you like it competitive, you can enjoy Multiplayer mode.

Controls: 5

The developers paid much efforts to recreate realistic control and cater to PC input methods.  So far the game is only available for PC, but its release for Xbox One and PS4 is scheduled in 2019. But if you wish, you can experience something similar now, as it’s optimized for Xbox gamepad. In terms of controls, the game is done better than most rivals, and that’s the reason to opt for it.

Replay Value: 5

Each mission can be completed better, that’s an axiom. The game only features 6 chapters, but it’s balanced with open world, free drive mode, and chance to replay any given mission to get the better result. If you like realistic driving simulators, the only thing that can divorce you with it is Bus Simulator 17. By the time we write this Bus Simulator 16 review, it’s not yet released for desktops or consoles.

The Bottom Line

Not that it’s perfect, but this game obviously has something to offer, especially if driving is a sort of meditation to you. It’s probably one of the best bus simulators available in 2019.

  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5

Bus Simulator 16 FAQ

There's not a lot of questions about Bus Simulator 16. Ask insistently in the comments so you can make it frequent! Yup,take me to comments
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