Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing: Wild World

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Animal Crossing: Wild World Review: The Most Festive Forest Ever

Animal Crossing: Wild World is an unusual RPG about living in a special village among animals. If you want to see what Nintendo is so adored for, download Animal Crossing: Wild World to your rare DS. It’s the sort of rarity, so it’s even worth searching for an old device in your attic.

Graphics: 4

As this Animal Crossing: Wild World review is written, the series has seen much fresher and more advanced installments released for modern mobile devices. This old one looks primitive and obsolete, not even playing with it like some stylized games do now. But being as flat and lo-res as it gets, the game still has its charm of the original and stands on the right side of the line between “old” and “trashy”.

Localization should be mentioned too. Originally in Japan, the game is greatly localized to English, so characters even keep their specific accents. And this one isn’t getting obsolete at all, as well as cartoony sounds.

Gameplay: 5

The beginning of the game is rather simple. Your character is a human living in a village of anthropomorphic animals. There are many missions to do, besides socializing with those party animals: you can fish, collect insects, other items that depend on the season, as seen later. And finally, you build your village the way you want it to be. Your missions on the way are various, though sometimes it’s hard to wait for one to start. For long periods it feels like an interactive cartoon rather than a game.

Socializing brings some RPG elements into the game: your replies define your future situations and sort of relationships you will build with local animals. But it’s not that crucial, so you should just enjoy the conversation instead of trying to pick “the right option”.

One of the greatest features of Animal Crossing series is syncing internal time to the clock and the calendar of the console hardware, so in-game time is synced to your real daytime and season. So holidays happen and seasons change at the right time automatically, and the night follows the day just when it does in your area.

The game used to have an online mode, allowing you to visit your friends’ villages and invite them to yours. But since 2014 this mode isn’t available.

Controls: 4

Originally developed for Nintendo DS, the game utilizes its system of touchscreen-equipped gamepad with hardware and software buttons. Its optimization plays a bad joke when it comes to porting the game to other platforms (even Nintendo’s own), that’s probably why it remains exclusive for DS and its Virtual Console representation. But as you play it on the original console, it feels right, as the original compatibility with this exclusive control system is Nintendo’s special ability.

Replay Value: 4

Even if you don’t own your old Nintendo DS anymore, you can have it with Virtual Console project. These old games often have great replayability (at least those we do remember). If you liked it back in 2005, you’ll probably gladly recollect those feelings in 2019 when feeling nostalgic.

The Bottom Line

If you download Animal Crossing: Wild World to your DS or Virtual Console, being totally unaware of what it is, you may feel its primal charm that today’s games seem to have almost lost.


  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 4

Animal Crossing: Wild World FAQ

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