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Sponsored links Review : Destroy and smash cars is a vehicle simulation game, released by the namesake company. Release date of the project is the 30 May 2015, and the latest update was introduced on the 7th May 2020. game is available on such platform as PC. Here you'll have to bang up various cars. After coming out the game has received many positive reviews from gamers and various resources. It has happened due to unusual gameplay which expects crashing cars. Download and test out different machines.

Graphics: 4

In this game everything is OK with visual effects. Here you will see realistic views with nice textures, lightning and shadows. Also, all car models look true-to-life, it seems that designers have marvelously worked. game uses soft body engine for realistic physics which requires a lot of resources for stable work. The game developer recommends to use a 64-bit operating system, as it supports more than 4 GB of RAM. specs are rather high, so, it can't be played on outdated computers.

Gameplay: 4

In the alpha version (a full-fledged game has not yet been released) you can find several maps and cars. In this review it's necessary to note that here it's possible to beat machines against all kinds of obstacles to damage and deform them in various ways.

Each user can create his own script, and not only on the basis of a ready-made location, but also on his own built road. Due to the built-in level editor, you can add absolutely any objects to the game map, arrange them in random order, set the behavior model of the "NPC transport" (pursuer or fugitive).

Mode manager shows which modes are installed and which category they belong to in the full game. Installation itself has become much easier, now you don't need to distribute maps and machines, everything is downloaded in one folder.

Controls: 4

Management in PC will be very simple. If you have ever played some kind of racing simulators, then you will become the king of the roads. Standard controls are implemented with the help of the arrows.

Also, there are many points on the object, and you can interact with each of them: pull, raise and etc. So, it's possible to create even more spectacular accidents: put time on a slowdown and throw a boulder at the car.

Replay Value: 5

If you like to watch how cars crash, then you will definitely be excited by the project. Of course, there are no interesting quests or storyline, but you can do anything with any car: beat, fracture, throw from hills and more. So, it's possible to replay again and again.

The Bottom Line

So, it's a great game in which it's possible to destroy all types of cars. has at its disposal various models that may be edited. Combination of realistic physics, pleasant graphics and well-created controls will quench your thirst for smashing. Download and organize a test-drive for various cars.


Generally, in you'll be able not only to drive various autos, but also to crash them..

Pros : Comfortable controls;
True-to-life car models;
Realistic physics of destruction.

Cons : High game specs;
Early access.

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.3

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