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Secret Neighbor

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Secret Neighbor Review: Gotta Catch’em All Too

Secret Neighbor is a spinoff of a cult horror game Hello Neighbor, developed by the same studio tinyBuild. It’s a cooperative online game with a nuance: one of the team may be not who you think. Download Secret Neighbor for Windows and try this collective adventure together with friends!

Graphics: 5

While there were arguments about visuals of the early Hello Neighbor version, now, in Secret Neighbor, it’s already a style. All these roughly drawn but expressive lines, dense colors, childish manner applied to an adult idea fit perfectly to a horror about a group of kids. It’s a 3D first-person game again, and it takes place in a hermetic space, so its size is just 5GB. Mind the sound: not only you need to hear each other in the voice chat, but also detect someone approach by the footsteps.

Gameplay: 5

The idea of the game set after Episode 1 of Hello Neighbor, is simple. The team of up to six kids goes down the neighbor’s house to find their missing friend who (as they correctly guess) is in the basement. If they find the keys and unlock the door, they win. But there is some traitor in disguise, and it’s the Neighbor himself! Pretending to be a kid just like them, he tries to catch them all, one by one. If all the team is caught, the Neighbor wins.

The kids can select one of six classes. Detective is especially capable of finding keys. Bagger can carry various stuff in the backpack. Scout has a slingshot to shoot the Neighbor from. Brave can resist the Neighbor’s grip. Inventor makes various simple devices to oppose the enemy. The Leader, finally, cheers the team up. The Neighbor can also select one of two classes: he’s either Scary or Clown, with abilities varying.

You can create your own server and invite friends. It’s better with friends, as the game requires good communication within a party, with no misunderstandings or language barriers. And yet trust no one: anyone can be the Neighbor!

Controls: 5

The game is meant for PC only so far, so it’s designed to be controlled with mouse and keyboard. The layout is familiar with the previous game, as well as by others. Use the mouse for watching around, WASD to move, E to interact with items, T to throw, and so on. If you have played Hello Neighbor, you will be satisfied to have the controls experience no major change. It’s compatible with controllers, except for exotic models.

Replay Value: 5

The replay potential of Secret Neighbor seems even greater than that of the origin. Even if you play as an established party, you can try various classes and manners. In addition, the role of the Neighbor can be taken by various players. Amplified by random elements in the house design, it will make the game a long-time love for the fan of the franchise, though it seems too early for conclusions.

The Bottom Line

It’s a real Halloween gift for all the fans of the franchise. Secret Neighbor requires a payment and offers some paid content; on the other hand, it’s not one of those free-to-play (that is, pay-to-win) games. It’s an elaborate stylish multiplayer adventure you will appreciate if you love survival and horror.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5

Secret Neighbor FAQ

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